Thermally Stable Needle Free Solid Dose Vaccines

What we do

aVaxziPen™ is developing a novel formulation vaccine delivery platform which is designed to enhance the immune response, offers a single measured dose and is thermally stable.

Delivery with aVaxziPen is simple and can be administered in both clinical and non-clinical environments.

The Technology

Solid Dose Vaccines - Good things in small packages

Each solid dose of vaccine offers the potential for enhanced immunogenicity compared to liquid vaccines with the benefit of dramatically reduced or eliminated need for cold-chain storage.

aVaxziPen’s multi-use needle-free delivery requires minimal training and is fast and easy to use, reducing the demand on healthcare systems.

Our mission is to transform the delivery of vaccines and ensure that everyone has access to vaccination minimising the need for complicated healthcare infrastructure.


Our technology is simple to use. A disposable cassette containing a single, solid dose of vaccine is administered using our multi-use Pen. Each single-use cassette is pre-loaded with a single solid dose vaccine – no complex assembly or reconstitution required.

aVaxziPen™ is needle-free, eliminating the risks associated with needle based delivery to healthcare professional.

Needle Free

Eliminates Vials. No Mix & Shoot

Error Free Dosing Every Time


aVaxziPen™ work with a wide range of strategic partners. To discuss how our technology can help your vaccines through improved thermostability and needle-free delivery.

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